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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Until Candlemass

A seasonal musical recommendation...

Medieval Carols as performed by the Oxford Camerata under the direction of Jeremy Summerly. The lyrics are theologically rich and the music is both contemplative and festive.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Christmas Sonnet(carol eventually)

When first man’s life began, in Eden’s garden fair,

The wicked serpent came and tempted sorry Eve.

Both she and Adam fell, through sin earned grief and care,

In fleshly bondage fast, until virgin conceive.

Now in this manger poor, lies He they did await,

His childish face awash, with radiant glory bright.

True God incarnate here, has taken man’s estate

At last the promised One, who’s born to be our Light.

In hymns of joy which echo and resound,

Creation sings the Savior’s holy birth;

In lowly child, salvation now is found,

And see, the very hills, they ring with mirth!

So raise your voice aloud and please to join our gleeful air,

For God this day gave us His Son in answer to our prayer.

Any ideas for a title anyone?

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