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Friday, February 01, 2008


Another gem from Hilary:

I was giving a talk to a bunch of eleventh graders once, and was accused of being 'judgmental', possibly the harshest criticism the poor brainwashed kid could think of.

So, I gave them the Beethoven story...trite and old hat to us, but quite a bit of eye-opening revelation to them and they seemed a bit shocked to be told after they had voted to kill him.

Then I gave them the story of a young woman in an abusive marriage that is about to end, with a family history of epilepsy and mental instability, with no qualifications or money who is pregnant.

I asked them to vote by a show of hands whether they thought abortion should be legal for women in such dire straights.

In both cases they voted almost unanimously for abortion.

I said, "Well, you've just told me that I would have been better off dead. But I personally beg to differ."

People with my kind of political and social beliefs are regularly (and quite tiresomely) accused of judgmentalism. It is, in our culture that extolls license and complete social anarchy, the worst sin.

But I wonder. The pro-lifers say to someone disabled, socially "underprivileged", poor, sick, old or unhappy, "I think you should be allowed to live, to carry on, to give life a try and see what you can make of it".

The abortionists and euthanists say to someone, who has not yet had a first breath or a first glimpse of his mother's face or a first taste of human kindness, "You should be dead, your life has no value."

I wonder, then, who is "judgmental"?


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